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Organs from Tom Milsom on Myspace.

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From @Slimgiltsoul’s twitter:
From @greg_farkas’s twitter: Too cute not to post :)


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Also from October, this is a close up of a twitter photo from the Take Me Out video shoot in February.

From June :)

And this one from the 30th of May :)
.@oneleggedvirgin pic.twitter.com/L18s7MqSZn— •*´¨`*•T O m•*´¨`*• (@hexachordal) May 30, 2013
And this one from the 30th of May :)
Finally found the source for this thing, yaya! I reblogged it awhile ago not being able to find it, and assumed that person was the source. damnit *off to find and adjust*
From @KGkitten’s twitter: COOL!


From @esdollar’s twitter: How nice.
Reblogging with Tom’s comment :)
From @esdollar’s twitter: How nice.


Tom is my favourite human to exist.

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