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Asker brushthesky Asked:
Any idea what the name of the song is at the end of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c0prKdoEJw this video? ~4:18 onwards!
fuckyeahtommilsom fuckyeahtommilsom Said:

I DO it has no official title that I know of - the second song in the IDM section of the the podcast from “Harry Potter" September 15th, 2008
Edit: He finally put this up to download! it’s called 3 (16)! listen in it’s entirety: http://fuckyeahtommilsom.tumblr.com/post/45349823777/3-16-from-3-by-hexachordal-this-has-a-title

Harry Potter: posted on 9/15/2008
Harry Potter - IDM - neverbeforereleased song I wrote for my father - 2.3 (8) - organ
Tom’s first podcast. The Harry Potter segments bother me, (as in they don’t seem to match the rest of it) but maybe you’ll like them.

The IDM is three separate pieces that are very serious in my mind. So when he switches back to the Happy Potter thing it disorients me.
You may recognise parts of the the second IDM piece [ Edit: now known as 3 (16) on the release of “3” ]as it was used later in the Super Drums video.

“neverbeforereleased song I wrote for my father” is so pretty, I wish it would get a name - it’s very light/uplifting and the whistle(?) part adds to that.

2.3 (8) has what Tom has called an “underwater sound” and I put it with my Shallow Ocean tracks in my mind. It’s very soothing, and the build is just perfect.

“organ” is another soothing mellow/happy track. Sounds like something you’d hear in a melody/music box (though not a as high).

I recently obtained permission to post these again (there are six). You can listen to them all here: http://fuckyeahtommilsom.tumblr.com/TomPodcast

Edit: Now you can download it too: Harry Potter on Mediafire

Can I pull “intense fan mode” for something I just found?

What is 3!? I had seen 3.1 as a song before but could never find anything on it.

I mean I’ve been doing this for THREE YEARS and have never come across it.

I feel like a horrible fan, I’m sorry Tom.
Oh man I gotta do some research now.

I have no idea how right this site is - they are so many discography sites that pull from last.fm, but I have never seen this full thing before.

Just checked last.fm, the songs have been scrobbled, by two people (most likely tom and ?) question mark person I want to be friends with you LOL

(don’t worry I still have my eyes on twitter for pics during the performance)


FINALLY! guys GUYS IT HAS “3”! (I’m not even going to tell you how long ago we discussed him posting these LOL)

3 (16)
from 3 by Hexachordal

This has a title LOL - shit now I have to go search which podcast it’s in, …it’s in harry potter, the first one - it’s what I was calling “IDM 2”

2 (15)
from 3 by Hexachordal

Some of you may remember my meltdown when I found mention of this EP earlier this year , I just found it while fixing tags LOL


Published on Mar 13, 2013
http://hexachordal.bandcamp.com aaaaah!

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from 3 by Hexachordal

If you missed it, Tom’s posted several older releases over on hexachordal.bandcamp.com :)